Hogging Up West Virginia Festival Blessing from Governor

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Governor Proclamation

We just love to flash our fancy schmancy Proclamation Around. This means we will be a Jack Daniels and American Royale qualifier for our Grand Champion. As for the festival itself, we’re trying hard to focus on the beauty of West Virginia with our Hogging UP BBQ Festival. We are approximately 12 miles outside of Berkeley Springs, nestled in a mountain. The beauty is worth the drive . We are including local talent and giving back to local charities, so we hope you West Virginians will come out and support our cause. We had a great time taking some promo shots at Cox Camping and talking to some of the locals.

Mountain Music

CF SAUER Sponsors West Virginia BBQ Festival

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Thanks to CF Sauer for helping support our cause.  They are over a century and a quarter old and provide the best in spices, rubs extracts, and condiments to make your table shine! Check out their website at CFSauer.com for great products! Free shipping over $25!

cf sauers products

West Virginia BBQ Festival Deemed a State Championship

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West Virginia Festival

KCBS teams:  In case you didn’t hear, we do have the Governor’s blessing as in and Official Proclamation, and now having been named a State Championship.  So, there you have it.  Woot Woot.

Event Location Pending Dates are Changing

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The good news is we’ve found the best location ever!   Once we have it finalized the kinks we will announce it and go straight into planning and publicity mode.

The bad news (or maybe not so bad news for some of you) is we’ve had to change our dates , moving it back a few weeks.  One, lack of suitable venues. Many locations are closed effective November 1st forcing us to rethink the second week in November dates.  Two, a few weeks may just help us weather wise. Let’s hope anyways! Three, we think that these new dates October 24-25th 2014 are the dates of the JACK.  We know the best will go to the Jack, but maybe for the rest of you, you’ll come and join us in lovely Almost Heaven WV grilling up some good que.

STAY TUNED for more information.  We are working out the kinks now.