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West Virginia BBQ Festival Promotional Photos

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Here’s some promo pictures we took from the West Virginia BBQ Festival promotional stills shot at Cox Camping in Great Cacapon, WV. We hope you will join us at Hogging Up West Virginia October 24-25th 2014 for a great time!

BBQ Festival WV

West Virginia’s Hogging Up BBQ & Music Festival will be a fun time.  Big Fat Daddy’s  Wayne Schafer Organizer, (left) and Vic Cox, owner of Cox Camping (right) share seats with Hog-It-Up BBQ professional team,  (Mike Lackey on Banjo and Michelle Lackey on fiddle) with local talents Jim Morris (back left) and Michael Palmer (back right.) Highlighting the local beauty of the area, Hogging Up promises to feature local talent.


Hogging Up’s official mascot “Pigmund ” the official pig greets the kids and explains the wonders of Great Cacapon and the rich history from centuries prior.  The beauty of the mountain range highlights the “Wild and Wonderful ” side of West Virginia.


WVBBQFestival2Pitmaster Mike Lackey of the Hog-It-Up BBQ  Team decides to pick up a fiddle and join in on the fun.



West Virginia festivalSoon Pigmund and Hog-It-Up Pitmaster Mike Lackey on Banjo are joined by local talent Michael Palmer on guitar. A little bit of pickin’ starts happening and soon the pig is dancing.

West Virginia BBQ Festival

 Michael Palmer does a solo , against the beauty of Cox Camping.

West Virginia Festival

The Professional BBQ Team Mike and Michelle Lackey of Hog-It-Up BBQ Team seem pleased with the location.

Ribs at the BBQ Festival

Soon Vic Cox, owner of Cox Camping has decided to get messy with ribs. Hey, is he eating the props?

"BBQA nice panoramic shot of the Great Cacapon Valley!

And the winner is:

West Virginia BBQ Festival Flyer


West Virginia BBQ Festival Packs some Entertainment

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We are almost ready to unveil our entertainment line up, but we thought we would keep you guessing.

We’re going a little bit country, a little bit washboard and a little bit fiddle.

This is going to be one big mountain party.

Get ready October 24-25th 2014 at Cox Camping.




Location Announcement: Event Coming to Cox Camping , Morgan County West Virginia

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It was a hard decision just where to hold a BBQ festival in West Virginia. Our major issue was finding good spaces with water and electric for our competitors.  We looked at places in Berkeley County and actually visited or talked to 12 of them from campgrounds to fairgrounds. The issues were lack of electricity some not set up right, or perhaps a bit too small. Some just didn’t feel right, or the people we talked to just didn’t sound like they were excited or be on board. That means a lot. We really liked Kathie’s Lazy A Campground and she would have been totally on board with us, but there was concern of possible flooding in parts in October as well as only so many electrical spaces.  We could have worked around that but more importantly, this was the former location of Pickin’ in the Panhandle and did not want to be in any way confused with them.

Too big, too small, what do to?  We pitched to some places who just weren’t interested in having anything to do with a BBQ event.  We were so frustrated that we talked about giving up.   If we could just keep looking and find the perfect place….

We then went into Berkly Springs (Morgan County) to check out one final place, our last attempt if you will…  That is where we fell in love with Cox Camping’s 60-some acre property nestled at the bottom of the Appalachian Mountains.    We told Vic Cox what we wanted to do , and he was on board since “hello.”   He is going to be the guy who helps us KEEP a KCBS competition in West Virginia. This mean moving the event from our anticipated location of Berkeley County to Great Cacapon (pronounced by most locals as Kay-Kaye-Pin) ….so now what?  Our concern since day one, was being confused with the former Pickin’ in the Panhandle if we kept the event in Berekely County.   Moving it out of Berkeley County into the next town was a way to keep confusion down to a minimum.   It just felt perfect.

Where is it going to be held?

Cox Camping 44 Cox Lane, Great Cacapon, WV 25422

(off of Milo School Rd.)

Directions: Click here.

Travel along a mountain, into a back road, past a few houses and then it seems, you are in almost heaven .   Vic Cox started making his campground a reality in 1991, expanding it slowly he now has enough property that a first year festival can take a nice size chunk of the campground, and each year, can continue each year to expand and grow.

We will be using a completely different setting of a festival. We’ll be pickin’ on the porch with Old Tyme Music.  Judges will be judging on a cottage covered porch. Visiting vendors, competitors and food vendors in the woods, this will be wild.

As we finalize details with planning and work on promotions with Vic, please check back for forms by April.  We are very excited to be able to keep an event full of BBQ in West Virginia.

Festival West Virginia Almost Heaven