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West Virginia BBQ Festival Packs some Entertainment

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We are almost ready to unveil our entertainment line up, but we thought we would keep you guessing.

We’re going a little bit country, a little bit washboard and a little bit fiddle.

This is going to be one big mountain party.

Get ready October 24-25th 2014 at Cox Camping.





West Virginia Festival October 2014

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West Virginia BBQ Festival

If you are in West Virginia, and want to do something, why not come on over to the West Virginia State Championship BBQ Festival held at Cox Camping?  Mark your calendar for Friday October 24th and Saturday October 25th, 2014.  It’s only a hop, skip and jump into the mountains of Great Cacapon, right up Route 9 into the mountain!

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Fun, Food, Beer and BBQ, what’s more to love

Historic County Inn Berkeley Springs Host Hotel

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Historic Inn Berkeley SpringsAlmost Heaven Hotel!  We are pleased to announce our historic hotel is the The County Inn West Virginia  as our host hotel in the center of Berkeley Springs, and full of rich history.  It is only 12 miles from our event and our suggested choice for our guests. We personally recommend it!

The Inn is in front and has fancier suites, but if you just want a regular hotel room, there is a full hotel behind! There lies a variety of different level rooms waiting for you.  By mentioning the “HOGGING UP GROUP RATE” you will get a discount on any room you choose.   You will need to CALL to book the room and not use the online service.

How to Book, easy as 1-2-3:

1.   Call:  304-258-1200

2.   Mention:  “Hogging Up Group Rate” , this applies to the weekend of October 24-25th.

3.    Book your Room!

West Virgnia Coupon Code Historic Country Inn for Hogging Up BBQ Festival

The Historic Country Inn has been under complete renovations!   It’s history dates back to 1933, and is known for being a relaxing historic retreat (and spa!) What a great way to spend the weekend ! You can view more photos on their Facebook page!


Hotel Address: 110 S Washington St, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

Directions from the Inn and to the BBQ Festival:

Have feedback on your stay? Tell us here:



Great Cacapon Medicine Water Tourist Attractions

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Great Cacapon Wonders
Photograph courtesy of Rhonda Donaldson

History of the Area

They say Great Cacapon takes it’s name from the Cacapon river, which in Native American translation means “Medicine Water.”   According to the history of the Castle of Berkeley Springs, Native Americans as far away as Canada made passage to this river to drink the water to cure ailments.  Magic in it’s own right, the area is simply stunning and beautiful. It’s no wonder this was settlement to so many Native American tribes back in the 1700’s or before.  History of the Delaware and Shawnee tribes among others are told in the “Battle of Great Cacapon” with George Washington in 1756.

Pronounced Kay-Kay-Pon, we’ve even seen it spelled  Great Cacapehon in 1700’s history books, many accounts in Google Book Search.   According to Wikipedia, “It was originally known as Cacapon Depot on the B&O Railroad mainline when a post office was established in 1848. “  The official name change did not occur until 1876, its name was changed to Great Cacapon to clear up some confusion with Little Cacapon and this area. As for population, last census put them on the map at 386.

Cox Camping at Great Cacapon is approximately 12 miles “up” or “down” the mountain depending on who you are asking from the center of Berkley Springs.   You must follow the river and see the gorgeous views along the way including the Castle….sounds like a great place for a BBQ festival huh?

While You Visit…

.  A quick trip to the Berkeley Springs and you can see George Washington’s bathtub and visit the rest of Cacapon State Park.

Ralf Brown has a huge gallery of Berkeley Springs photos here.

This part of the Appalachian mountains includes wondrous Prospect Peak, where you can look down and see the winding glory of the river, the Paw Paw tunnel and of course, visit the Castle which may be haunted!

Castle of Berkeley Springs

Pic found on the official Castle page here.

There is even a Facebook page for people who like Great Cacapon!

You can view more photographs on Rhonda Donaldson’s Blog here.


Event Location Pending Dates are Changing

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The good news is we’ve found the best location ever!   Once we have it finalized the kinks we will announce it and go straight into planning and publicity mode.

The bad news (or maybe not so bad news for some of you) is we’ve had to change our dates , moving it back a few weeks.  One, lack of suitable venues. Many locations are closed effective November 1st forcing us to rethink the second week in November dates.  Two, a few weeks may just help us weather wise. Let’s hope anyways! Three, we think that these new dates October 24-25th 2014 are the dates of the JACK.  We know the best will go to the Jack, but maybe for the rest of you, you’ll come and join us in lovely Almost Heaven WV grilling up some good que.

STAY TUNED for more information.  We are working out the kinks now.