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Smokin’ Gnome First Team In

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smokin' gnome bbq1. Smokin’ Gnome BBQ

Pitmaster: Sal Gobat

Representing: Shippensburg, PA

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Here come the teams folks, see them cook it up for fame and glory and the prize purse at Hogging Up West Viginia! Welcome little gnomes!

Kansas City Barbeque Society Competitor Applications Are Up

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Kansas City Barbeque SocietyWe are pleased to announce that the Kansas City Barbeque Society Professional Competitor Packets are available on the Competitor Applications page for the 2014 Hogging Up WV BBQ Festival. Thanks for your patience!



West Virginia BBQ Festival Promotional Photos

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Here’s some promo pictures we took from the West Virginia BBQ Festival promotional stills shot at Cox Camping in Great Cacapon, WV. We hope you will join us at Hogging Up West Virginia October 24-25th 2014 for a great time!

BBQ Festival WV

West Virginia’s Hogging Up BBQ & Music Festival will be a fun time.  Big Fat Daddy’s  Wayne Schafer Organizer, (left) and Vic Cox, owner of Cox Camping (right) share seats with Hog-It-Up BBQ professional team,  (Mike Lackey on Banjo and Michelle Lackey on fiddle) with local talents Jim Morris (back left) and Michael Palmer (back right.) Highlighting the local beauty of the area, Hogging Up promises to feature local talent.


Hogging Up’s official mascot “Pigmund ” the official pig greets the kids and explains the wonders of Great Cacapon and the rich history from centuries prior.  The beauty of the mountain range highlights the “Wild and Wonderful ” side of West Virginia.


WVBBQFestival2Pitmaster Mike Lackey of the Hog-It-Up BBQ  Team decides to pick up a fiddle and join in on the fun.



West Virginia festivalSoon Pigmund and Hog-It-Up Pitmaster Mike Lackey on Banjo are joined by local talent Michael Palmer on guitar. A little bit of pickin’ starts happening and soon the pig is dancing.

West Virginia BBQ Festival

 Michael Palmer does a solo , against the beauty of Cox Camping.

West Virginia Festival

The Professional BBQ Team Mike and Michelle Lackey of Hog-It-Up BBQ Team seem pleased with the location.

Ribs at the BBQ Festival

Soon Vic Cox, owner of Cox Camping has decided to get messy with ribs. Hey, is he eating the props?

"BBQA nice panoramic shot of the Great Cacapon Valley!

And the winner is:

West Virginia BBQ Festival Flyer

West Virginia BBQ Festival Deemed a State Championship

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West Virginia Festival

KCBS teams:  In case you didn’t hear, we do have the Governor’s blessing as in and Official Proclamation, and now having been named a State Championship.  So, there you have it.  Woot Woot.

West Virginia BBQ Festival

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Join us November 7th to 9th 2014 for a KCBS BBQ Festival. Location TBA. Forms are coming. We are trying to help the Relay for Life and get something going, more details soon.

West Virginia BBQ Festival