Community Awareness

At Hogging Up West Virginia BBQ Festival, we plan our festival around the world of Barbecue, bringing a KCBS competition to a lovely picturesque setting in the mountains of West Virginia, highlighting the music and scenery that West Virginia provides.  Our goal was simple, to keep a KCBS competition in WV for 2014 while doing something good for the community. In this case, we will donate a portion of our gate admission to the Great Cacapon volunteer Fire Department. Our competitors will be treated like family, and the public can enjoy eating good que, have a bbq tour, and enjoy some Old Time Music and spending a day in Almost Heaven, West Virginia .

We are the same group that does the original Hogging Up Virginia BBQ Festival in June, in Winchester (Clear Brook).  In our first year there, we helped three local non profits and one national non profit, and brought the first ever KCBS to the town of Clear Brook.

Mom and Pop

We want to make sure you know we aren’t some big concert series.  We’ll never have national headliners. We can’t get tourism or grant money , we do all the work ourselves. This is why it’s so important for the public to help support our cause. We’ll never be the next Pickin’ in the Panhandle.   We are just some barbecue guys n gals trying to do some good for the community, and have a nice event for the public to come out and enjoy themselves.  This is small scale and we hope to highlight the glorious mountain music and highlight the beauty of West Virginia! We hope you will support our cause!

Join us October 24-25th 2014!

Hours:  Friday October 24th  4pm-9pm , Saturday 10am-8pm

Location: 44 Cox Lane, Great Cacapon. WV 25422

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Join us in Winchester in June 2014~ follow June’s event on Facebook or our blog!


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